Worksheets to Download:
Teachers Resource pack   
Contains 3 different sizes of manuscript (2, 4, and 6 stave)
also 1 copy each of the Term Planner, Student Fees record, Student Record sheet, Practice Schedule, Progress Report, Song List, an ungraded lesson assessment sheet for individual lessons, Merit Certificate and a Piano Keyboard sheet.
A piano keyboard of one and a half octaves with full size keys and labelled white keys. Print onto board, cut out and prop up on the piano for beginners. The keys are the exact size of real piano keys, making it easier for younger students to learn the letter names.
Practice Boards 
A set of six sheets of notes and symbols on staves for students to trace and label. Good to print out and laminate for students to write, draw and trace on with whiteboard markers providing lots of practice in drawing notes, clefs and various music symbols.
Practice Boards Set Two
Exactly the same as 'Practice Boards' above except that instead of using 'crotchet, quaver, minim and semibreve' the terms used are 'quarter note, eighth note, half note and whole note.'
Overhead Transparencies
A set of ten sheets of basic information about music notation, key signatures and time signatures, to print onto transparencies or simply to use as classroom wall charts.
Overhead Transparencies set 2
391 KB.   A set of ten sheets exactly as the set of 'Overhead Transparencies' above, but the language used is 'Whole notes, Half notes, Quarter notes' etc instead of 'Semibreves, Minims and crotchets.'
All About Clefs    A 439 KB.  A set of 5 worksheets containing basic information about the treble clef, bass clef, alto clef, tenor clef and neutral (percussion) clef.
Merit Certificates    921 KB.  A set of five sheets of merit certificates for music students. There are four certificates on each sheet, making a set of twenty merit certificates but each sheet will have to be cut into four. The merit certificates are colorful but dignified.
Melody Match
A set of six worksheets to help students recognise and identify traditional and familiar songs from their opening bars.
Peer Gynt, William Tell & Peter and the Wolf.
Information pages, quizzes and word searches based on the music and the stories
Camille Saint-Saëns
Information pages, quizzes and word searches based on the composer, Camille Saint-Saëns and two of his best known pieces: Carnival of the Animals and Danse Macabre.
Musical Instruments  
A set of 24 worksheets. Activities include quizzes, wordsearches, crossword puzzles, jumbled letters and more to help students learn about the instruments of the orchestra.
Answer Sheet
Instruments to Trace, Copy and Colour    435 KB.  A set of 8 worksheets. Students can trace, copy, colour and learn about Handbells, Triangle, Timpani, Castanets, Trumpet, Bongo Drums and Trombone.
The Violin - some background knowledge
So far there is a violin to trace and label. We will add more pages of information, quizzes and puzzles soon.
Descriptive Words   
A set of 24 worksheets.  Includes crosswords, wordsearches and a variety of puzzles and quizzes covering four grades of Italian words and other terms used in music.
Answer Sheet
Recorder Fingering Worksheets
A set of twelve worksheets of varying levels of difficulty to help students understand basic recorder fingering.
Music Symbols Bingo Sheets
Three sets of Bingo sheets using music symbols. Twelve sheets of symbols use the terms 'semibreve, minim, crotchet' etc, twelve sheets use 'whole note, half note, quarter note' etc and twelve sheets use only the symbols.There are 24 symbols used. Each of the sheets shows the symbols in a different order.
Note Names Bingo Sheets
Two sets of Bingo sheets covering all the notes on the treble clef and all the notes in the bass.Fifteen sheets with 24 notes on each page showing the letter names and fifteen sheets not showing the letter names. Each of the sheets shows the notes in a different order.