Book Requests:

Our resources are made available to many thousands of schools and private teachers around the world. Our teachers and musicians are driven by a passion for music and a strong desire to inspire a similar love in our young students.  We have been providing this service for more than a quarter of a century. Do your students enjoy using them?  We would like to invite you to help us continue to create more Music Fun material by making a small donation which will go to support our hard working team.

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   If you are a music teacher in an Australian school .....

You may choose to have one book mailed to you .... at absolutely no cost. However, because we do not charge for either the book or the postage, this is an offer that we can only make to Australian Schools

The book must be sent to the address of an Australian Infant, Primary or Secondary, Government, Catholic or Independent school.

Books will not be sent to countries outside Australia or to a private address or private music school.

At no time are you under any obligation to buy anything.

Although all of our sets of worksheets are available to download, sometimes it is handy to have a 'hard copy' of your favourite set available wherever you are.

Book choices available (which can also be downloaded on the left) are as follows:

Choice 1:  Musical Instruments - 853 KB. Worksheets and information about instruments of the orchestra.

Choice 2: About Notes and Symbols - 682 KB . A combination of 'Let's Learn About Notes' and 'Let's Draw Symbols.'

Choice 3: Music Wordsearch & Trivia Quiz 1 - 509 KB. A combination of those two sets.

Choice 4: Descriptive Words - 398 KB. Fun ways to learn more than 90 terms commonly used in music.

Choice 5:  Note Names in the Treble - 1358 KB. Puzzles, mazes and other fun ways of learning the names of the notes on the treble clef.

To have a book sent to your school, fill in your name and school details below. Your book will be posted to you in three to five working days.