The following pieces are available from the composer
Cello Sonata No.1
A neo-classical sonata of 3 movements for Cello and Piano, titled The Golden Anniversary, of which Cellist David Pereira wrote: “The sonata is of a sunny and tender disposition.” The AMEB Grade level is aprox. 6/7. It was publicly performed in Canberra on October 30, 2010, by Cellist Frances Stevens and Bronwyn Brown on Piano. Duration: 12 minutes. Listen to an extract here: MP3   (9 MB)
Cello Sonata No.2
This sonata was also favourably reviewed by Cellist David Pereira and given an AMEB Grade level 6/7. Although Neo-classic in style, the 3rd movement theme in 5/4 gives it a lively modern touch. It is titled The Mazurian for its soulful nostalgic feel. Duration: 13 minutes.  Listen to an extract here: MP3   (10 MB)
Flute Sonata
This Sonata, for Flute and Piano, was reviewed by Ass. Prof. Virginia Taylor of the ANU’s School of Music in Canberra and Flutist Lamorna Nightingale of Sydney. It is of the aprox. AMEB Grade level 6. Duration: 11 minutes. Listen to an extract here:  MP3  (11 MB)
Violin Sonata
This Sonata for Violin and Piano is titled The Fritz, has a hint of the style of Fritz Kreisler. AMEB Grade level, aprox. 6. Duration: 14 minutes
Piano Sonata
A composition of 3 movements, titled Australiana. 1st movement is titled Cobb & Co. 2nd Movement is titled A Night in the Outback and the 3rd movements is titled Celtic Dances, with a theme in 11/8 time and a play on the tune “Botany Bay.” This Sonata was reviewed by Pianists Jessenka Cushing of Canberra ACT and Olga Trojan of Launceston, Tas. Duration: 11.5 minutes.
String Quartet
Titled: Ngunnawal. It depicts the gradual loss of land of the Ngunnawal people in the Canberra region. The opening “digeridoo,” played by the Cello, gives the piece its distinct Aboriginal feel. The unmistakably Irish, Slavic and English themes show the Multicultural blend of the now Ngunnawal region. Duration: 11 minutes
Horn Sonata
Sonata for French Horn and Piano, reviewed by Horn player/composer Michael H. Dixon, is titled A La Renaissance Germania because of the strong Germanic feel. Aprox. AMEB Grade 6/7. Duration: 11.5 minutes