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A Tone Poem of this region in Japan. It is pentatonic in style with folk-like melodies including traditional drumming, which gives the composition an unmistakable Japanese flavour. A Solo Flute introduces the rising moon over Tenjinyama.
Canberra Portraits
Four cameo pictures depict Canberra’s region both past and present. They are: 1. Morning over Canberra (A Hot Air Balloon ride) 2. Floriade (a tribute to the well known annual Floral Festival.) 3. Brindabella Pastures (A nostalgic look at the rural heritage of Canberra in with fragments from “Waltzing Matilda” a minor key.) 4. A Parade at Duntroon (Canberra’s elite military college)
Mazurian Lakes
Picture of Rural life, as it was a long time ago, in Mazuria of Eastern Europe. The introduction contains a lovely Flugelhorn (Trumpet) solo leading to a soulful chorale: Land of Dark Forests and Crystal Lakes. This follows with a bright lively tempo folk melody featuring the Clarinet and concludes with a hint of another Mazurian melody.
After the Fire
An Elegy and Anthem for Band with optional SATB Choir. Although the composition deals with the devastating force of fire, the focus is on the resilience and strength of the human spirit, hence the Anthem appears at the end of the piece as a triumphant grand finale. Many countries, like Australia, have experienced the devastation of natural fires. However equally devastating are the effects of war, calling on the human spirit to rise from the ashes.